Best Tree Care Tips & Solutions

Hiring tested and certified tree care services is the only sure way for maintaining the exceptional visual features provided by trees in your residential or commercial premises. Features such as finding the right soil are a key resource that supports trees and buildings.

Here at Indigo Surveys, we have hired some of the most skilled consultants in the industry to help provide the ideal tree care tips and services to allow you to maintain the perfect balance and integrity between the trees and buildings within your premises.

The roots of bedding plants, shrubs, and large trees intermingle and compete for nutrients and water. Our certified and experienced tree survey team offer a range of tree care tips, built on their understanding of how each tree on your site affects the overall health of plants in a given landscape.


How often should you check on trees?

As soon as you notice something abnormal with your trees, you need to hire a trusted and qualified tree care service. Indigo Surveys is an experienced and certified tree care company that has been active within our industry for over three decades. The consultants can advise on how extreme weather conditions such as rain, severe storms or prolonged drought can require more frequent tree inspections.

Your tree care tips should include a list of tree health concerns and questions which you can receive guidance on from the tree inspector who visits your commercial or residential premises. It is also advisable to record unusual events like dangling branches, broken branches or cracking sounds.

Tree care is a worthy long-term investment that ensures every tree growing in the compound increases in its range of benefits as it continues to age, able to not only offer protection from strong wind and extreme heat, but also purifying the air, beautifying the surroundings and in many cases raising property values. In terms of everyday tree care solutions, preventive measures help you to maintain the structural integrity of your trees and avert other unnecessary costs in the future.

The ideal maintenance programs will vary from one site to another and mostly include regular inspections and routine follow-up care practices, including extra soil management, adding fertilizers, mulching and pruning. The tree owner needs to identify and correct the problem before it causes any damage to property or injury to people.


Do some trees need more regular care?

Trees planted in the last three years, especially newly planted trees, need regular inspection and tree care solutions to remain healthy and thrive. If you fail to provide the ideal care to your trees, your trees will find it hard to reach their full potential in terms of size and health.

Neglected trees are also prone to disease, pests or even branches, and in some cases the entire tree, dying. Comprehensive tree surveys done by specialists from Indigo Surveys can affirm whether some plant species on your site are more prone to disease than others.

One of our most helpful tree care tips is to let clients know that trees newly planted on the site can be more prone to pests and diseases compared to the natural species. Pests are one of the major causes of diseases that end up ruining the defence system of the trees. Trees bred in local nurseries tend to be more naturally resistant to pests and diseases than other species bred far away. Any tree planted near utility lines can cause danger as it grows, if left unattended for a long time.

Indigo Surveys’ tree care tips would include suggesting that trees planted very close to the power lines require regular corrective pruning to prevent structural issues and remove the risk of accidents. Any trees left without pruning for several months or years are more prone to pests and diseases and can also end up being disfigured. Native trees also easily adapt to an area that they have thrived for many years.


How do you know if a tree on your site is currently unhealthy?

Working with a trusted tree care company like Indigo Surveys is the surest way to recognise any tree problems and received the most helpful tree care solutions for your site.

Partnering with a highly competent team of specialists who value the health of your trees means you’ll have at your disposal a highly skilled and experienced team of Arboriculturalists and other tree care professionals to help you grow, maintain or even remove any unnecessary trees from your premises.

Here at Indigo Surveys, we recognise that trees are crucial for both townscape and landscape. Our consultants will look for these symptoms while identifying unhealthy trees:

– Root Problems:  The stability of any tree primarily depends on a large root system. Root problems happen when the root system is disturbed by unexpected changes in soil conditions around the trees.

– Cankers: Cankers also weaken the branches and the stems, especially when the backs are missing. Cankers are also caused by diseases and wounds.

– Death and Decay: The presence of crumbly or soft wood is a perfect indication that a branch or an entire tree is decaying. Hiring certified and experienced tree care solutions will prevent any risk from decayed, dying or falling trees to the people and structures on your site

– Weak Branches: Branch unions that show signs of decay or cracking are potential signs of splitting apart. Removing branches before they cause injury to the people or onsite property is one of our practical tree care tips.


How do I find consultant help with tree care for my site?

Indigo Surveys remains one of your most trusted options while looking for quality and affordable tree care specialist in all parts of England and Wales.

We have a highly certified and skilled team of tree survey consultants to provide you with tree care tips that suit the needs of all trees across your site.

Contact us on 0333 1237080 or send us an email through to enjoy the ultimate tree care services at one of the most competitive quotes in the industry.

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