How Much Do Tree Surgeons Charge?

Before we answer the question about specifically how much do tree surgeons charge in the UK, it is useful to first understand the duties of a tree surgeon. Here at Indigo Surveys, we have access to the services of certified and dedicated tree surgeons with vast experience in planting, maintaining and performing hazard examinations on trees. Tree surgeons can also help you to cut down or prune onsite trees where necessary, so once you know how much tree surgeons charge in your area, you’ll be able to assess whether it is worth it for you.

It is worth noting that reliable tree surgery requires highly trained specialists, due to the fact it involves working at height, climbing and using power tools. You will need to work with tested and certified tree surgeons to better maintain and provide the ultimate care to both natural and exotic trees within your site.

It is worth thinking this level of expertise through when you think through the question of how much do tree surgeons charge. Trees are of course not merely decorative, but living organisms that form a crucial component of the onsite environment. Working with a competent team of tree surgeons will help you to mitigate any potential conflicts between trees, human safety and the integrity of on-site structures.


Does a Tree Surgeon Charge Per Tree or Per Day?

When it comes to the question of how much do tree surgeons charge, many of our potential clients have understandably been asking this question. In terms of offering some expectations, respected tree surgeons specialists, like those we provide access to at Indigo Surveys, can either charge per day or per hour.

In most parts of the country, the charges for each day start at £200, with hourly rates start at £40 inclusive of VAT. The charges for a three-man team start from £400 each day. Tree surgery services also depend on other core factors including the scale of work and the location, as well as the size and species of the trees in question.

Demand and competition within the local area can significantly affect pricing, but we work across the country with consistent rates. Here at Indigo Surveys, our specialists will provide you with an indication of costs after completing the onsite survey before processing the final invoice. Our tree surgeons can often tailor the charges specifically to suit your onsite and budgetary needs.


How Much Should I Expect to Pay for a Tree Surgeon?

If you have been asking how much are tree surgeon charges, then you are in the right place for a helpful estimate. We always advise our clients to compare our quotes to other local providers to see how we stack up against the most affordable average prices. The actual price quote depends on many factors, including accessibility, travelling distance, any pests or diseases, and the size and number of trees. Some of the tree surgery services we can recommend a trusted and competitively priced option for include:


  • Tree survey and assessment
  • Hiring a wood chipper
  • Stump removal and grinding
  • Disposal of tree debris
  • Crown reduction for trees
  • Hedge trimming
  • Tree felling

Tree surgeons may also add charges to hire heavy lifting machinery or remove wood waste. Look for quality tree surgeons who offer reliable tree surgery services at competitive prices.


What Should I Look for in a Good Tree Surgeon?

Tree surgeons need to have vast expertise and experience in a wide range of tree work. Here at Indigo Surveys, we only hire tree surgeons with the necessary skills and experience in hazard assessment, pest control, maintenance, tree care and planting.

Tree surgery can be a complex practice, one that requires specialists who are highly trained and experienced in working with elevated platforms using harnesses and ropes. Competent tree surgeons need to have the required job qualifications and experience. Some of the crucial qualities of a tree surgeon include:


  • Health & Safety awareness
  • Ability to read and interpret plans and maps
  • Clear communication skills
  • Vast knowledge of trees
  • A real interest in environmental conservation


Here at Indigo Surveys, we encourage our potential clients to look at reviews from individuals or companies who have hired our services in the recent past.


How Do I Get in Touch?

At Indigo Surveys, we are committed to providing our clients with access to quality tree surgery services at some of the most competitively priced rates in the country. Our highly trained and diligent team of tree surgeons serves thousands of clients from across the UK each year.

Seek referrals from friends, colleagues or online reviewers who have used our services in the past and you will understand why we rank among the top tree survey and tree care services in the UK.

Get in touch with us on 0333 1237080 or email us through to get tree surgery services that suit your budgetary and onsite needs.

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