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We are here to help

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Fixed cost quotes

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No hidden charges

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Up front advice

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Proven record

Specialist Tree Reports

Indigo Surveys specialises in arboricultural consultancy and as part of our service, we provide a wide range of tree reports, tree plans and can offer you a detailed tree survey service.

If you are considering your tree survey cost as part of a development or planning application, we are an experienced and skilled team who can help, with experience working for a number of clients within both commercial and residential fields throughout the UK.

Landowners and developers, as a way of analysing the impact of a development on an area and its immediate surroundings, commonly require a tree survey report. These tree reports provide detailed information to developers and landowners that highlight whether or not trees will offer constraints to the proposed development of an area, either through direct occupation of an area that is to be developed on, or on space adjacent to properties that are to be developed, or next to highways that are due to be constructed.

How Do We Help Our Tree Survey Clients?

  • In respect of trees, we regularly advise private clients / homeowners, estate owners and managers, developers, architects, planning consultants, project managers, engineers, councils, solicitors, retailers and other industry professionals, delivering detailed and cost-effective tree reports for a wide range of clients in a number of industries and sectors. We remain committed to delivering high quality practical and innovative solutions in a cost-effective defensible manner.
  • Our arboricultural consultants and team of technicians are appropriately qualified and experienced, with backgrounds in both private and public-sector work. We provide sensible, client-focused and defensible solutions. No matter the size or scope of the location you are working with, and the scale of the development, we have a team who can conduct thorough and detailed tree surveys that provide all of the information required before moving forward with a project.
  • This includes any new build construction work, refurbishment and renovation of existing properties, tree surveys conducted for health and safety reasons, or to help with insurance and mortgage conditions for homeowners. We have the experience to help with a wide range of issues, always working to the strict standards and guidelines laid out by our industry, so you can be sure that the work and analysis you receive ticks all the right boxes.

How Do We Help Our Tree Survey Clients?

If you are proposing site works, demolition or construction in proximity to a tree, there is a potential for damage to the tree and its growing conditions from the works and vice versa. Also, if there are trees on or around your site, or within impacting distance of proposed works (Inc. groundworks / construction etc.), you will need arboricultural guidance to inform and support your planning application.

As such, we undertake tree surveys to the British Standard 5837: 2012 ‘Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition and Construction – Recommendations’ (BS5837:2012). Arboricultural matters are but one consideration in the planning process and adherence to BS5837 and the councils tree related planning policies ensures a defensible application and reduces time delays.

Our tailored approach assists in maximising your developable space and is further supported by the necessary BS5837 documentation:
BS5837 Tree Survey, Root Protection Area calculations,

  • BS5837 Tree Survey
  • Root Protection Area calculations
  • Tree Constraints Plan
  • Scheme review & Arboricultural Implications Assessment
  • Arboricultural Method Statement
  • Tree Protection Plan

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Once your survey is finished, we will prepare your report and send it to you upon payment.  We’ll ensure that the report accurately reflects your requirements and provides the valuable information you need. We will then arrange a suitable day for your survey and commence the necessary work.

Why Choose Indigo Surveys?

No hidden costs

We are up front and provide you with an overview of the typical and expected costs for the project based on UK policy, guidance and best practice.

Competitive quote

We’ll provide you with a highly competitive quote, not a generic cost, but fixed costs based on the specifics of your job.

Avoid delay & costs

Avoid delays on site and with it unnecessary costs, with our comprehensive surveys which will outline any potential issue from the start.

Responsive to you

Let us do all the legwork. We’ll respond to you swiftly, providing you with quote, inspection, and report, without you needing to chase us.

Premium service option

Need a report in quick time? We can offer a premium service and have your report to you by close of play the day after your survey.

Satisfaction guaranteed

With a client list including homeowners, local authorities, major supermarkets, and developers, you can have confidence you are in good hands.


“We have retained Indigo Surveys to undertake measured surveys and tree services for various projects over the last 5 years and have always found the price, quality and customer service to be excellent. Andrew Turnbull is exceptionally helpful, easy to contact and always responds to queries in a timely manner.”

Claire Williams
Project Manager

“I have worked with Indigo on many school projects. Many ran at the same time and had very short pre-construction programmes. Indigo were proactive and able to meet the challenging programmes, which enabled us to meet all submission dates for approval. We were kept aware of all ecology/arboricultural issues from the outset.”

Jane Shaw
Senior Design Manager

“Indigo’s role in the Project Team was crucial in obtaining Planning Permission on a complex and challenging site. Their expert arboricultural knowledge resulted in successful negotiations with the Planning Authority and helped make the project feasible while also ensuring that it preserved the character of the site.”

Graeme Mill
Project Architect

“We used Andy at Indigo Surveys for a difficult planning scheme in Wimbledon Village and found his knowledge and strategy in dealing with the various issues thrown up very impressive and the added footprint that this gave the client on the scheme was invaluable. We continue to use Indigo Surveys Ltd for Arboricultural Consultancy services, and would be very happy to recommend them.”

Martin Down
Managing Director

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