The bloomtrigger Project

An excellent idea which promotes and encourages the protection and provision of the Earth’s rainforests. Additional details explaining the concept and implementation of their pilot project are outlined on the bloomtrigger project website.

A concept which all started from “a passion for protecting rainforests”, the founders believe that “BloomTrigger has the potential to play a key part in the solution to stopping global deforestation”.

BloomTrigger are providing a clear step towards the cost-effective action against climate change, essentially “a simple, affordable and creative way for people to protect rainforest!”.

They are currently working on the pilot project in collaboration with 5 primary schools which will raise £5,000 to protect 50 hectares of rainforest.

bloomtrigger are looking for individuals and organisations to get in touch to become a part of the pilot project.

The bloomtrigger Pilot