Tree Preservation Orders | Birmingham TPO

If you are a home or land owner or are working on behalf of a client who may own trees, you may be aware of Tree Preservation Orders (continually refereed to as TPOs) and the potential considerations which they present. As Tree Consultants operating throughout the West Midlands, we work regularly with Homeowners, Homebuyers, Solicitors, Insurers, Local Authorities, Developers, Construction Companies, Architects etc., to provide advice on Trees and TPOs.

A TPO is an order made by your Local Planning Authority to safeguard the amenity provision of trees (sometimes tree groups / land areas) or woodlands which are considered appropriate for protection. Simply put, TPOs are used to prohibit the (1) cutting down, (2) uprooting, (3) topping, (4) lopping, (5) wilful damage or (6) wilful destruction of the trees or woodlands without the LPA’s consent. Many Local Authorities have website sections relating to Trees and more specifically, such as with Birmingham City Council, advice relating to the implementation of tree preservation (Tree Preservation – Birmingham City Council). Furthermore, an online search allows you to check the presence of TPOs and/or location within a Conservation Area (TPO Check – Birmingham City Council).

The presence of a TPO can be a material consideration in a number of circumstances, i.e. proposed works to trees, construction at site. You should take further advice in order to comply with legislation and carry out the necessary action. Should you require assistance, we are client focused with good Local Authorities relationships (inc. Tree Officers), this allows us to bring a swift resolve to TPO matters and advise on the appropriate action. We are more than happy to provide you with free verbal advice and review any TPO documents you wish to send us initially. In the meantime, check out our website sections for further information, i.e. our BS5837 Information services. Feel free to contact a Tree Consultant on 0333 123 7080 or – we look forward to hearing from you.