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Finding your ideal tree protectors

Are you looking into finding reliable tree protectors for your home or business in the UK?  As a team of specialists in arboricultural services, here at Indigo Surveys Ltd we are ideally placed to offer you an effective tree protection plan.

From our offices in Chester, London and Birmingham, our tree protector team administer tree protection services across the UK, providing personalised care to suit your exact site needs.

We provide comprehensive arboriculture services, including tree protection services, to a wide range of clients. Over the years that we have been in operation, we have established a great deal of experience that allows us to find the best option for each site we encounter. Our clients include:

  • estate owners
  • developers
  • landowners
  • homeowners
  • architects
  • engineers
  • solicitors
  • councils
  • retailers

The main aim of our tree protector staff at Indigo Surveys Ltd is to offer proper tree protection services that will keep you from both present and future risks. As a site owner or manager, you will know that your trees should be protected from harm.

Our tree specialists available throughout the country will take measurements to ensure your trees are protected.  Whether the trees hold specific historic value, or just complete the look of your site, we’ll make sure they’re cared for properly.

Highly qualified tree protectors

Our tree protector team are fully versed in all of the regulations related to trees that are protected by the Tree Preservation Order (TPO) guidelines. There are trees classed as Protected Species that fall within a Conversation Area.

Although this is slightly different from having the trees in your property protected, it influences the development plans you might have for an area of land. It is our duty to help you to know if the trees on your site are protected.

If you would like to know more about the range of tree protection services that are offered by our tree protector staff, you can get in touch with us today through the details provided on this page and we will be able to help. We can discuss the range of different options we offer to home and commercial sites and the ways in which it can help you to ensure the health of your trees for many years to come.

Our specialists will guide on the ways to identify trees under TPOs, as well as provide specific guidelines on how to have the trees in your site protected. At Indigo Surveys Ltd, we have the expertise to undertake Health & Safety tree surveys.

You can get a tree specialist to evaluate the structural and physiological conditions of the trees on your site. After a proper assessment through our tree protectors, we offer the ideal recommendations, appropriate for tree risk control as well as tree stock management.

Useful advice on tree protection

Should your trees be under the TPO or contained in a Conversation Area, then it requires the permission of a Council for you to commence any work on a property. This is an area we can help you with. You might also consider submitting a prior notification to the Council of your intended projects that concern trees.

Our tree protectors around the country will be able to provide advice, so you can visit your local council website to find out if your trees are within TPO protection, or whether they fall under Conversation Area protection regulations, and then come to us for the guidance on what you should do next.

At Indigo Surveys, each of our tree specialist team members is highly proficient, able to offer detailed information about statutory controls related to the protection of your trees. We can liaise with the local Council in your area to be able to find a workable solution for your tree protection services.

Contact us for a quote on any of these services, all of which are available at competitive prices. Given our level of specialisation, you can rest assured that we will offer excellent services with regards to your tree protection needs.

Why choose Indigo Surveys’ tree protectors?

Having offered trusted Arboricultural and Ecological Surveys for many years throughout England and Wales, we have gained the experience and expertise to deliver high-quality results.

Any procedure or activity undertaken by our team of tree protectors is aimed at getting solid solutions and helpful recommendations for the trees within your site. It should give you reassurance to have a highly qualified and experienced tree specialist from a well-established Arboricultural and Ecological Surveys providing guidance on the protection of your trees.

This is what you get from Indigo Surveys Ltd, as our dedicated team ensure services are provided efficiently and on time. We have specialists who can work within all of the appropriate regulations on protected species, allowing you to plan well for your projects, saving you money and time.

Indigo Surveys’ team of tree protectors have an approach that allows us to offer tangible solutions and recommendations for tree protection. Our tree protection services are customised to suit the requirements of each of our clients with their varying projects, delivered by a team of highly committed tree specialists.

How to contact our tree protectors

You can always get in touch with our friendly tree protector staff for related questions, free advice, or to request a quote for tree protection services.

Call us on 0333 123 7080 or email us at We will have a team member respond to you soon and help you find the tree protection solution you’re looking for.