Tree Survey FAQs

Find answers to some of the most common questions relating to tree surveys and tree reports…

What is a tree survey?

A tree survey will detail all the information about the trees on a site earmarked for development and help determine which trees are to be retained and which are to be removed. Tree reports allow proper informed decisions to be made by developers and landowners and highlight whether or not trees on the site or adjacent to will impact on the scope of the proposed development of an area.


What does a typical tree report include?

A tree report will highlight all the trees and significant vegetation such as hedgerows which could impact place constraints on a development. A typical tree survey outline a number of factors including:

  • Location and species of each tree
  • Tree measurements (including height and diameter)
  • Age of each tree
  • Condition and life expectancy of the tree
  • Tree recommendation whether the tree is to be felled or retained


What is an arboricultural survey?

Essentially this is just another name for a tree survey. A tree survey should be conducted by a professional arboriculturalist and will outline and identify all trees and a recommendation for their retention or removal. A professional arboricultural surveyor or arborist will usually work to the British Standard BS5837. 


Why do you need a tree survey?

A tree survey is typically used to analyse the impact of a development on an area and its immediate surroundings, and are commonly required by landowners and developers. A tree report will highlight the legal status (i.e whether they are protected or not) of any trees present within the area, as well as listing any disease or decay that may be affecting prominent trees in the area. 

A tree survey provides useful information on the trees and vegetation on a site so that informed decisions can be made on their future. They also help ensure that protected trees are not mistakenly cut down, in breach of the Wildlife and Countryside Act.



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