Tree Surveys in Barnet

As the first choice for arboricultural consultants, Indigo Surveys provide quality surveys in Barnet and around the rest of the UK. Our tree surveys include detailed tree plans and reports, as we have at our disposal a highly trained and certified team of professional consultants and specialists. The experts working at Indigo Surveys offer a wealth of experience and we are equipped to provide every client with specialised and quality services. You may often need to consult experts before beginning construction, demolition or other site work, to prevent any potential damage to the surrounding trees or obstruction to the site work.

If you have trees close to your work site, then arboricultural planning and guidance is essential to prevent obstruction to the groundwork or construction work. Here at Indigo Surveys, our dedicated and highly-qualified team perform comprehensive surveys in and around Barnet to meet British Standard: 5837:2012 (BS5837). We consider all the arboricultural issues involved in the planning process. We also pay special attention to all tree-related planning policies set by local councils.

Adhering to such policies helps our experts to prevent delays and assures successful application. Our customised approach helps clients to maximise their available space for development. All of our tree-related surveys come with all the necessary documents such as:

  • Trees and Construction ‘feasibility meetings’
  • BS5837 Tree Survey
  • Root Protection Area Calculation (RPA)
  • Tree Constraints Plan (TCP)
  • Arboricultural Impact Assessment (AIA)
  • Arboricultural Method Statement (AMS)
  • Tree Protection Plan


Comprehensive Client Surveys

As a leading provider in our industry, Indigo Surveys provide expert advice to various types of clients including developers, homeowners, architects, engineers, estate managers, planning specialists, councils, retailers, and solicitors. Our skilled and friendly team of experts is ready to provide you with tested, superior and cost-effective solutions for tree surveys in Barnet.

Our professional tree surveys also focus on Health & Safety tree risk management plans.  Survey services provided by Indigo Surveys include onsite tree assessment that explores the structural, as well as physiological condition of trees. The ‘Occupiers Liability Act (1984),’ provisions require tree owners to assure the safety of people visiting the premises. Tree owners are also required to apply tested approaches to assure safety to all trees on their site.

Creating a manageable risk level requires practical and professional recommendations. Indigo Surveys is committed to continue providing you with a personalised approach to help you as a homebuyer or homeowner get a specific and detailed tree survey before a home purchase or sale. Tree surveys are also necessary for those seeking insurance/mortgage renewals. Our committed team of experts assesses the potential or expected tree risks that might result in direct or indirect damage to the surrounding structures.

Clients seeking preliminary assessment of the anticipated dangers from vegetation and trees can also consult our arboricultural experts. Our expert consultants offer both preventive and reactive suggestions that best suit your tree and vegetation management in Barnet. Once you receive initial professional advice, you will also benefit from preventive and pruning site management services. You can also hire tree felling services, with early advice from our experts a tested way of preventing potential damage to structures, lowering anticipated risks.

Hire Our Services

We are ready to provide you with comprehensive surveys and professional recommendations on the best way to manage your tree care. Our services also include statutory controls and tree protections and we can liaise with local councils to guarantee superior services. Contact our personable team here at Indigo Surveys, we are ready to provide all of our clients with quality and cost-effective tree surveys in Barnet and its surrounding areas.