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We are here to help

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For those in need of quality tree survey in the Birmingham and West Midlands area, Indigo Surveys is there to assist as trusted arboricultural consultants. Our fully qualified tree surveyors provide tree surveys that cover a range of purposes. Whether you are interested in developing a site, acquiring a mortgage loan, or having a BS5837 Tree Survey conducted for planning applications or Health and Safety purposes, you can trust us.

Our team of highly qualified tree surveyors are able to provide tree survey expertise to anyone with an interest in developing or making changes to a site, whether residential or commercial. We provide quality tree survey service to clients in Birmingham and further afield.

If you are looking for a specialist who can analyse the impact of a development on an area you intend to develop and its vicinity, we are here to help. We have specialists at Indigo Surveys who offer reliable service to landowners and developers, and can help them as part of the development process. Some of the activities our tree surveyor team undertake include:

Tree Planning/Construction (BS5837) Reports

There are often activities in a site being developed that pose a danger to the trees present there. Trees, on the other hand, can cause damage to your project itself which can bring additional costs.

Anyone looking to develop a site is required to ensure the safety of trees in an area, so it is vital that a proper tree surveyor Birmingham service is conducted. We offer at Indigo Surveys the recommended British Standard 5837: 2012 survey that keeps your site safe from any future risks due to the presence of trees.

We always consider the specialists’ recommendations of design, demolition and construction. Our expert team will provide excellent arboricultural guidance to inform and support your planning application. We’ll offer a service that will enable you to maximise your developable space in the Birmingham area.

Tree Reports for Mortgage/Insurance

If you intend to buy a house, acquire a mortgage loan or an insurance policy, you’ll need all the correct information about the property you’re interested in. We offer at Indigo Surveys quality tree survey Birmingham service that covers all these sections.

Our tailored services allows us to get you detailed information on the property you intend to invest in. Trees affect buildings and other structures such as driveways and paths within their proximity. The specialist team at Indigo Surveys offers surveys and reports that address any concerns that you, lenders or insurers might have to satisfy all that a potential investment is not at undue risk due to the presence of trees on site.

Health & Safety Tree Surveys

Our arboricultural consultancy covers the Health and Safety tree risk management survey. We’ll enlist a specialist who will conduct a visual tree evaluation of its physiological and structural condition. This is in line with The Occupiers Liability Act 1984 that places tree owners under a legal obligation to ensure the safety of visitors to a piece of land or property.

A tree survey report will allow you to undertake effective site management and highlight any potential issues. Through our tree surveys and reports, we make recommendations regarding the specific needs of individual trees and their management, including retention, tree removal and any required pruning.

What Councils Do You Work With?

Our Tree Surveys in Birmingham are, of course, offered in areas served by Birmingham City Council, but we also offer our tree surveys in the following council areas too:


  • Walsall Council
  • Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council
  • Sandwell Council
  • Lichfield District Council
  • North Warwickshire Borough Council
  • Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council
  • Bromsgrove District Council


Protecting Trees in Birmingham

In Birmingham, trees are classed as protected in one of two ways: 

The first way is through a Tree Protection Order (TPO). A TPO is given out by the local planning authority specifically to target and protect a specific tree, group of trees, or woodland area. You can check if there are any outstanding TPOs in your area using this Birmingham TPO Map

The second way is by those trees being present in a Conservation Area. Certain trees in Conservation Areas are protected by simply being present in an area designated for conservation. Birmingham City Council offer further information in their guides: What is a Conservation Area? and Conservation Areas in Birmingham

It’s important that any developer undertaking work in Birmingham becomes fully aware of and compliant with the local planning authority’s specific planning policies as they relate to trees. An example of this is in their Nature Conservation Strategy for Birmingham policy.

That’s where our team at Indigo Surveys comes in. Whilst it’s important for developers to become aware of the various planning policies they must adhere to, part of our role is ensuring that you do. That’s why consulting with us before undertaking any development where trees are concerned is so important – we’ll ensure you’re fully compliant every step of the way.

Need a Birmingham Tree Survey and Report?

We have helped many different clients with tree reports in the Birmingham area. Our customers include homeowners, estate owners, managers, architects, engineers, solicitors, councils and other professionals in the industry. This makes us the go-to option if you are seeking planning permission from the local planning authority for a development site but have trees on site, particularly if some of these have tree preservation orders as this can make the planning process more difficult.

Our comprehensive tree services will help you plan the management of trees on your land effectively, address any health and safety obligations you have regarding certain trees, as well as achieving any planning consent you may be seeking. Get a free quote from us today.

For further information on specialist tree surveys and reports, contact us by phone on 0333 123 7080 or email us at We’ll have a specialist respond quickly and provide quality, reliable tree survey advice.


“We have retained Indigo Surveys to undertake measured surveys and tree services for various projects over the last 5 years and have always found the price, quality and customer service to be excellent. Andrew Turnbull is exceptionally helpful, easy to contact and always responds to queries in a timely manner.”

Claire Williams
Project Manager

“I have worked with Indigo on many school projects. Many ran at the same time and had very short pre-construction programmes. Indigo were proactive and able to meet the challenging programmes, which enabled us to meet all submission dates for approval. We were kept aware of all ecology/arboricultural issues from the outset.”

Jane Shaw
Senior Design Manager

“Indigo’s role in the Project Team was crucial in obtaining Planning Permission on a complex and challenging site. Their expert arboricultural knowledge resulted in successful negotiations with the Planning Authority and helped make the project feasible while also ensuring that it preserved the character of the site.”

Graeme Mill
Project Architect

“We used Andy at Indigo Surveys for a difficult planning scheme in Wimbledon Village and found his knowledge and strategy in dealing with the various issues thrown up very impressive and the added footprint that this gave the client on the scheme was invaluable. We continue to use Indigo Surveys Ltd for Arboricultural Consultancy services, and would be very happy to recommend them.”

Martin Down
Managing Director