Tree Surveys in Bromley

Indigo Surveys provides reliable arboricultural consultancy in Bromley. We offer personalised and affordable tree surveys, with our certified and skilled team of professionals ready to provide you with in-depth tree reports and plans. Many of our expert technicians have worked in this sector for many years.

You need to consult experts in the field before beginning demolition, construction or site work, allowing you to prevent potential risks to adjacent trees, or any obstruction to ongoing site work. Hiring our arboricultural planning and guidance services is the most practical approach for preventing possible obstruction to construction and groundwork. Indigo Surveys has hired a highly-trained and dedicated team of specialists to provide all of our clients with in-depth surveys in Bromley and to help you satisfy BS5837 (British Standard: 5837:2012).

We never overlook any arboricultural-related issues as we take you through the planning process. Our experts ensure that each of our tree surveys meets the necessary tree planning policies recommended by the council. Adhering to these set policies helps tree owners to prevent irritating delays and assures comprehensive application. Our trusted and customised approaches assist you in maximising available space for development. Each of our quality and personalised tree surveys is accompanied by required documentation including:

  • Trees and Construction ‘feasibility meetings’
  • BS5837 Tree Survey
  • Root Protection Area Calculation (RPA)
  • Tree Constraints Plan (TCP)
  • Arboricultural Impact Assessment (AIA)
  • Arboricultural Method Statement (AMS)
  • Tree Protection Plan

Customised Client Surveys

Here at Indigo Surveys, we are now providing expert consultation services to many different kinds of clients, including lawyers, retailers, local councils, planning specialists, real estate professionals, engineers, architects, and developers. Our team of experts provide you with customised and superior tree surveys in and around Bromley.

Our quality and customised tree surveys also include a Health & Safety tree risk management plan. We also concentrate on both physiological and structural conditions of trees during our onsite tree analysis. We also provide our clients with detailed tree stock. The ‘Occupiers Liability Act (1984),’ requires the tree owners to guarantee optimal safety to everyone visiting the premises. The regulations also require tree owners to adopt practical strategies to prevent potential tree-related dangers within the premises. Consequently, you should only follow expert and tested strategies to create a manageable risk level.

As a trusted survey provider within our industry, Indigo Surveys is dedicated to continue offering quality and customised solutions. We have received a vast range of positive reviews from our ever-growing community of satisfied homeowners and buyers. We are ready to assist you with your reviews for your next home purchase or sale, with our team of experts also assisting clients seeking insurance/mortgage renewals. We can help you to evaluate the potential tree risks that might cause indirect or direct damage to surrounding structures.

Our skilled arboricultural professionals have helped many customers seek preliminary assessment of potential dangers from trees and/or vegetation. Here at Indigo Surveys, we also recommend both reactive and preventative vegetation or tree management in Bromley. Once you receive our initial expert advice, you can proceed to hire our pruning and preventive site management services.

Our professional experts can also recommend clients to hire tree felling services based on the underlying needs. Our practical and certified arboricultural specialists have helped many clients looking for a preliminary assessment of potential risks from trees and vegetation. Hiring expert consultation services on time reduces the potential damage to neighbouring structures and keeps the level of risks at manageable levels.

Hire Our Services Today

Indigo Surveys is ready to provide you with detailed and expert surveys to help you in managing the trees on your site. All of our tree survey services include tree protection policies and legal controls. We also take the time to consider the local council policies while offering our superior services. We provide clients with personalised and quality tree surveys in Bromley and many other parts of the UK. Contact Indigo Surveys’ team of specialists to take advantage of our great services and customised quotes.