Tree Surveys in Hammersmith and Fulham

Indigo Surveys provides certified and experienced arboricultural consultants across Hammersmith and Fulham. For a number of years, we have continued to offer our personalised tree surveys over many parts of Britain. We are ready to provide you with in-depth tree plans or tree reports, with many leading experts ready to guarantee you top quality. If you are planning to begin site, demolition or construction work, you need to first consider our personalised and affordable services.

You can reduce any tree risks, or keep them at manageable levels, by seeking quality and customised services from our team of experts. Our arboricultural planning and guidance has helped many developers and homeowners to prevent any obstructions to their groundwork or construction work. Our highly-skilled and dedicated team of experts is ready to offer Hammersmith and Fulham residents with personalised and expert surveys that fulfill the BS5837 (British Standard: 5837:2012).

Our experts consider arboricultural issues while making a practical plan for your site. Also, we consider planning policies provided by the council while performing our detailed tree surveys. This also enhances the application process and eliminates unnecessary delays. Here at Indigo Surveys, we help homeowners to choose and optimise available space for development. Our practical and customised services also come with the necessary documentation such as:

  • Trees and Construction ‘feasibility meetings’
  • BS5837 Tree Survey
  • Root Protection Area Calculation (RPA)
  • Tree Constraints Plan (TCP)
  • Arboricultural Impact Assessment (AIA)
  • Arboricultural Method Statement (AMS)
  • Tree Protection Plan


Customised Client Surveys

As your trusted tree survey partner, Indigo Surveys promises to continue offering specialised and expert surveys in Hammersmith and Fulham. We have spent several years providing quality services, we have served diverse kinds of clients including developers, solicitors, local councils, engineers, architects, retailers, planning professionals, developers, and real estate managers. Our specialised and highly-qualified team of professionals is ready to continue offering customised tree surveys in Hammersmith and Fulham, as well as across the country.

Our comprehensive tree surveys include Health & Safety tree risk management plans. Our specialists assess the physiological and structural states of all trees while performing expert tree analysis on your site. As a tree owner, you are legally required to guarantee optimal safety to all people visiting your home as specified under the clause of ‘Occupiers Liability Act (1984).’  You also have a legal obligation to employ specialised and practical strategies to keep all possible tree-related risks at manageable levels.

Our dedicated and skilled team of specialists is ready to continue providing our clients in Hammersmith and Fulham with some of the most high-quality solutions in the industry. We can continue providing you with expert advice and service during your next home purchase or sale. We also assist clients seeking mortgage/insurance renewals. Our experts sometimes recommend preventive or reactive strategies depending on the prevailing tree or vegetation risks. The initial risks analysis is typically accompanied by pruning or preventive site management recommendations.

We also recommend quality tree felling services where necessary, if trees can risk potential direct or indirect damage to structures in your home. You may need our professional and affordable services to assess underlying tree risks within your site. Our arboricultural consultants are ready to provide a comprehensive preliminary assessment of any possible tree or vegetation risks in your site. Consider our customised and quality services to avoid potential damages to structures within your home. We can help keep tree risks at reasonable levels.

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Here at Indigo Surveys, we assure you of a highly-qualified and committed team of professionals to assist you to manage every tree on your site. We consider the current tree protections and statutory controls during our tree surveys. We offer highly competitive rates while never overlooking the quality of our services. Contact our team of specialists for free to discuss further consultation services.