Tree Surveys in Birmingham

For those in Birmingham in need of quality tree survey, our company Indigo Surveys can be of great assistance. We have tree surveyor Birmingham specialists who specialise in arboricultural consultancy. These are specialists who can provide a tree survey that covers all areas. If you are interested in developing a site, acquiring a mortgage loan, or having a BS5837 Tree Survey conducted for planning as well as Health and Safety purposes, you can involve us.

Our team of highly qualified tree surveyors offer help to anyone interested in any kind of property whether residential or commercial. We will provide quality tree survey Birmingham service. If you are looking for a specialist who can analyse the impact of a development on an area you intend to develop and its vicinity, we are here to help. We have specialists at Indigo Surveys who offer reliable service to landowners and developers which is accompanied by a useful and detailed report. Some of the areas our tree surveyor Birmingham team cover as they offer tree survey include:

Tree Planning/ Construction (BS5837)

There are activities in a site being developed that pose a danger to trees. Trees, on the other hand, can cause damage to your project. Since one is required to ensure the safety of trees in an area they wish to develop, it is vital that they have a proper tree surveyor Birmingham service conducted. We offer at Indigo Surveys the recommended British Standard 5837: 2012 survey that keeps you safe from any future risks. We always consider the specialists’ recommendations of design, demolition and construction. Our specialists will provide excellent arboricultural guidance to inform and support your planning application. We’ll offer a service that will enable you to maximise your developable space.

Tree Reports for Mortgage/Insurance

If you intend to buy a house, acquire a mortgage loan or an insurance policy, you might need all the vital information about the property you’re interested in. We offer at Indigo Surveys quality tree survey Birmingham service that covers all these sections. Our tailored approach allows us to get you detailed information on the property you intend to invest in. Trees affect buildings and other structures such as driveways and paths within their proximity. Fortunately, we have at Indigo Surveys a specialist team that offers a survey and report that addresses these concerns that you and your colleagues have.

Health & Safety Tree Surveys

The tree survey Birmingham service we offer at Indigo Surveys covers the Health and Safety tree risk management survey. We’ll enlist a specialist who will conduct a visual tree evaluation of its physiological and structural condition. This is in line with The Occupiers Liability Act 1984 that legally required you to ensure the safety of visitors to your land as a tree owner.

Our well-established company has been helpful to many people. Our clientele is comprised of homeowners and estate owners also managers, architects, engineers, solicitors, councils and other professionals in the industry.

You could also benefit from our specialist tree survey Birmingham service. Contact us by phone on 0333 123 7080 and email us at We’ll have a specialist respond quickly and provide quality, reliable tree survey advice.