Tree Surveys in Chester

Through our specialist team here at Indigo Surveys, we offer a range of high-quality options for tree surveys in Chester. Through our tree surveyor Chester team, we can provide a selection of specialist tree surveys for different sites and purposes. We have worked with a range of different clients, offering tree surveys in Chester that play a key part in proceeding with development plans.

As a well-established business with a strong track record in offering high-quality arboricultural consultancy services, we are the ideal company to enlist when you require a tree survey in Chester. So, whether you are looking to develop a site, obtain a mortgage or get your BS5837 tree survey completed for planning and/or Health & Safety matters, get in touch us today. We have trusted professionals who can take on a variety of tree survey Chester work.

We provide reliable survey options to both residential and commercial sites, assisting clients by assessing the impact of any development on the local environment in the area you’re interested in developing. We can provide reliable help to landowners and developers, offering excellent tree survey services followed up with a detailed report. We can offer excellent tree survey Chester services for purposes including:

Tree Planning/ Construction (BS5837)

Due to a range of different site activities having the potential to damage trees – and vice versa – it is highly important to conduct a tree survey before carrying out work. In fact, in many cases, there is a legal requirement to ensure tree safety in any area you are looking to develop. By carrying out the required British Standard 5837: 2012, Indigo Surveys can keep our client from any related risks.

Through our tree surveyor Chester team, we give specialist consideration to design, demolition and construction recommendations. Our team can guarantee trusted arboricultural guidance that directly informs and supports a planning application. Due to the quality and flexibility of our tree survey services, our team allow you to maximise the developable space on your site.

Health & Safety Tree Surveys

Our tree survey Chester offerings also include Health & Safety tree risk management surveys. Our team of specialists are able to conduct a visual tree assessment, a service that can review your trees’ physiological and structural states. You should be aware that in relation to The Occupiers Liability Act 1984, you have an obligation to ensure the safety of those visiting your site and its surroundings.

Tree Reports for Mortgage/ Insurance

Whether you are looking at buying a house, acquiring a mortgage or securing insurance in Chester, it can be of great benefit for a tree survey specialist to provide you with a detailed report. Our team of specialists at Indigo Surveys will be able to offer a personalised approach to each and every tree survey they offer. We can deliver a range of highly useful information about any property you are looking to invest in.

Please keep in mind that trees can have an impact on buildings – and other structures like driveways and paths – across your site. Through the specialist work of our tree surveyors at Indigo Surveys, we can address any concerns you and your advisors may have before making any decision. We are a well-established company who have built our reputation by offering trusted tree survey Chester services. Our client list includes homeowners, estate owners, councils, solicitors, engineers, retailers and a variety of other industry specialists.

You could join those benefitting from our high-quality tree surveys in Chester by getting in touch with Indigo Surveys today. To contact us, call us on 0333 1237080, or email us at One of our team will be in touch to discuss your tree survey needs and find the ideal service.