Tree Surveys in London

Indigo Surveys provide a wide range of UK based Tree Survey services. Operational throughout London, our consultancy team provide a range of arboricultural solutions; our services include Tree Risk Assessments, Tree Mortgage Survey Reports, scaled Tree Constraints Plan Drawings, BS5837 Tree Surveys and BS5837 Tree Reports.

We are client-focused, with a proven London-based track record in providing cost-effective Tree Survey services. With a proactive approach to client and project timescales and an open dialogue approach, we are able to swiftly address project requirements for anyone seeking a tree survey in London, offering the efficiency and accuracy our clients require.

Our services are supported by extensive experience, a trait that makes us an ideal choice for arboriculture services. We have been offering reliable tree surveys and related services since 2009. Our team have gained a level of experience that has enabled us to hone our skills to a highly trusted level. Additionally, our services are all at affordable price options, providing you cost-effective and high-quality tree planning and reporting services. Our excellent service encompasses a range of documents such as:


  • BS5837 Tree Survey
  • Root Protection Area Calculation (RPA)
  • Trees and Construction ‘feasibility meetings’
  • Tree Constraints Plan (TCP)
  • Arboricultural Method Statement (AMS)
  • Arboricultural Impact Assessment (AIA)
  • Tree Protection Plan


Our professional tree surveyors adhere to all planning policies covering ecological requirements of your site, as recommended by the necessary councils in London. This is done at every step of the planning process for all of our tree surveys in London, keeping you away from any unnecessary regulatory risks. The in-depth knowledge we possess of all required policies is ideal in helping us to avoid delays, while at the same time guaranteeing a robust application. You definitely get the best team for informing the development of your property with Indigo Surveys Ltd.


Why should clients choose our tree surveys in London?

Indigo’s team of tree surveyors are considered a leading option for anyone in search of a London tree survey. Over the years we have been in operation, we have refined the art of conducting high-quality tree surveys across the city. We are a top London tree services choice, and right now, have a list of clients including homeowners, engineers, architects, solicitors, councils, retailers, specialists and various other individuals and professionals interested in properties and sites.

We are a friendly and dedicated team of specialists who are very committed to providing excellent, high-quality, practical and affordable solutions for tree surveys in London. You are assured of a reliable and cost-effective option within the tree surgeon London landscape. You may be interested in learning about the wildlife habitat in your property, which is important for a range of ventures you might have in mind for your site. The ecology survey options we offer cover ecological reports, protected species surveys as well as mitigation management.


As a leading option for anyone seeking a tree report in London, Indigo Surveys Ltd also provides proper management plans for health and safety, as well as risk-free trees. Our professionals offer an on-site tree evaluation, exploring the structural and physiological state of the trees on your property. As per the Occupiers Liability Act 1984, you as a property owner are required to assure the safety of visitors to your premises.

This is what we aim to help you with, so you should know that you are also required to apply tested approaches that will guarantee the safety of all trees on your premises, which can be challenging. Fortunately, Indigo Surveys Ltd are here with just the right solutions, through our highly qualified tree surgeons in London.


Since coming up with a manageable risk level is hard and needs practical insight as well as technical expertise, it is important to find proper London tree services. The ideal tree survey London team we have here at Indigo Surveys Ltd is one you can trust for the desired results. Our dedication to helping our clients enables us to be considerate of the individual needs of varied homeowners and homebuyers.

You may need to have a detailed tree survey prior to a home sale or purchase.  You may certainly need a proper tree survey for a property you’re seeking a mortgage or insurance renewal for. Our tree surveyors are here to assist you, with our tree reports in London ideal to assess the site for any potential tree risks. It is important that you know of, and understand, any potential direct or indirect damage to the surrounding trees to structures in your property.


At Indigo Surveys Ltd, we have had clients looking for an evaluation of the expected dangers from trees and other vegetation. For such instances, we utilise our highly skilled tree surgeons in London, arboriculture professionals who can provide recommendations and suggestions ideal for your specific site with its trees and vegetation.

We have both preventive and reactive tips for tree survey and management of properties in London. The initial guidance from our surveyors is accompanied by preventive as well as pruning site-management services. Our aim is to considerably lower risks associated with trees and properties. It would be better to get early advice from our specialist tree surveyors, who can guide on felling trees, together with the felling services to consider.


Why Contact Us?

We are more than happy to discuss a project and provide verbal advice. Where this allows, we will gladly provide a site-specific quotation for your project. Furthermore, we are happy to release sample documents, including our Tree Survey data tables, Tree Report summaries and examples, demonstrating our commitment to quality advice.

For additional information relating to our specific Arboricultural Consultancy services, please see our Tree Survey and Tree Report London website sections and feel free to contact a member of the team for site-specifc and project-specific advice. We are contactable to discuss any of your London-based Arboricultural service needs – contact us on 0333 123 7080 or email to


There’s a lot of specific information you can get by talking to us and explaining your tree survey needs. So, please get in touch with us for advice on how to manage your trees and site. Alongside detailed information, we provide top-quality services while complying with all necessary regulations, also liaising with the local council in your area of London.

Contact our team at Indigo Surveys by calling, emailing or using our web chat. Let our helpful and knowledgeable team of specialists discuss a tree survey London service that suits your specific needs.