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We are here to help

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Fixed cost quotes

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Up front advice

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Proven record

Indigo Surveys provide a wide range of UK based Tree Survey services. Operational throughout London, our consultancy team provides a range of arboricultural solutions; our services include Tree Risk Assessments, Tree Mortgage Survey Reports, scaled Tree Constraints Plan Drawings, BS5837 Tree Surveys and Reports.

We are client-focused, with a proven track record in providing cost-effective tree survey services in London and surrounding areas. With a proactive approach to client and project timescales and an open dialogue approach, we are able to swiftly address project requirements for any tree owner or developer seeking a tree survey in London.

Our tree survey process provides a thorough understanding of the tree species on a site plus any nearby trees. We’ll make you aware of any protected trees subject to tree preservation orders or root protection areas, while our tree inspections will highlight any issues where trees on site, or even surrounding trees, pose a risk to a development or even safety.

Our services are supported by extensive ecological survey experience that makes us an ideal choice for arboriculture services. We have been offering reliable tree surveys and related services since 2009.

Our tree consultants team have gained a high level of experience that marks us out as a company that commercial and residential clients can trust. Our tree surveys are all at affordable price options, providing tree owners with cost-effective and high-quality tree planning and reporting services.

Our excellent tree surveying services encompasses a range of assessments and documentation such as:


Our professional tree surveyors adhere to all planning policies covering ecological requirements of your site, as recommended by your local planning authority in London. This is done at every step of the planning process for all of our tree surveys, helping you avoid any regulatory risks, especially given increasing tree canopy cover targets in the London region .

The in-depth knowledge we possess of all required policies is ideal in helping to avoid delays, while at the same time guaranteeing a robust application. With Indigo Surveys, you definitely get the best team for gaining full insight into all the issues that individual trees pose to any development plans you have for your site.

Tree officer and council contacts via the London Tree Officers Association

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Why should clients choose our tree surveys in London?

Indigo’s team of tree consultants are considered a leading option for anyone in search of a comprehensive tree report in London. We are a top tree survey choice, and serve a list of residential and commercial clients in the City of London and Greater London areas, including homeowners, engineers, project managers, architects, solicitors, councils, retailers, specialists and various other individuals and professionals interested in properties and sites.

We are a friendly and dedicated team of tree surveyor specialists who are very committed to providing excellent, high-quality, practical and affordable solutions for tree surveys and tree protection plans in London. You are assured of timely, reliable and cost-effective tree survey reports.

Additionally, you may need to learn more through additional ecology surveys about the wildlife habitat in your property or development site, which is important as it could affect the plans you have in mind for your site. The ecology surveys we offer cover ecological reports, protected species surveys as well as mitigation management.

Checking tree health and safety issues

As a leading option for anyone seeking to have a tree survey carried out in London, Indigo Surveys Ltd also provides tree management plans for health and safety, as well as tree safety checks. Our tree surveyors offer on-site tree evaluations, exploring the condition of the trees on your property. 

As per the Occupiers Liability Act 1984, you as a property owner are required to assure the safety of visitors to your premises.

Take a look at a tree survey report completed by Indigo Surveys in London.

This is what we aim to help you with, as you are required as the owner to apply tested approaches that will guarantee the safety of all trees and people on your premises. Fortunately, Indigo Surveys Ltd are here with just the right solutions, through our tree inspection services.

We can carry out visual tree assessment of all trees on site, plus any surrounding trees that could impact on a development. In some cases where access is difficult, an aerial inspection may be required, or the use of technical equipment to understand tree roots and root protection areas could be utilised.

Our tree surveys will make recommendations of any pruning or tree felling required and those that should be retained, especially in the case of trees protected by preservation orders. We can also make recommendations for tree mitigation to satisfy local planning authorities where the removal of healthy existing trees present on site is compensated for by planting a proportionate number of replacement trees.

Mortgage tree report services

You may need to have trees surveyed prior to a home sale or purchase.  You may certainly need a mortgage tree report for a property if you’re seeking a mortgage or insurance renewal for. Our tree surveyors are here to assist you, with our tree reports in London ideal to assess the site for any dangerous trees or those that pose a risk to safety of the integrity of buildings, such as through tree roots or even the presence of invasive weeds.

At Indigo Surveys Ltd, we have had clients looking for an evaluation of the potential dangers from trees and other vegetation. For such instances, we utilise our highly skilled tree surveyors in London, arboriculture professionals who can provide recommendations and suggestions ideal for your specific site with its trees and vegetation.

We have both preventive and reactive tips for tree survey and management of properties in London. The initial guidance from our surveyors is accompanied by preventive as well as pruning site-management services. Our aim is to considerably lower risks associated with trees and properties. It is advisable to get early advice from our specialist tree surveyors, who can guide on any tree works required.


Why contact us for a tree survey?

We are more than happy to discuss a project and provide advice and a site-specific quotation for your project. Furthermore, we are happy to release sample documents, including our Tree Survey data tables, Tree Report summaries and examples, demonstrating our commitment to quality advice.

There’s a lot of specific information you can get by talking to us and explaining your tree survey needs. So, please get in touch with us for advice on how to manage your trees and site. Alongside detailed information, we provide top-quality services while complying with all necessary regulations to ensure you get the planning permission you are seeking, also liaising with the local council in your specific borough of London.

Contact us to discuss any of your London-based arboricultural service needs – on 0333 123 7080 or email to


“We have retained Indigo Surveys to undertake measured surveys and tree services for various projects over the last 5 years and have always found the price, quality and customer service to be excellent. Andrew Turnbull is exceptionally helpful, easy to contact and always responds to queries in a timely manner.”

Claire Williams
Project Manager

“I have worked with Indigo on many school projects. Many ran at the same time and had very short pre-construction programmes. Indigo were proactive and able to meet the challenging programmes, which enabled us to meet all submission dates for approval. We were kept aware of all ecology/arboricultural issues from the outset.”

Jane Shaw
Senior Design Manager

“Indigo’s role in the Project Team was crucial in obtaining Planning Permission on a complex and challenging site. Their expert arboricultural knowledge resulted in successful negotiations with the Planning Authority and helped make the project feasible while also ensuring that it preserved the character of the site.”

Graeme Mill
Project Architect

“We used Andy at Indigo Surveys for a difficult planning scheme in Wimbledon Village and found his knowledge and strategy in dealing with the various issues thrown up very impressive and the added footprint that this gave the client on the scheme was invaluable. We continue to use Indigo Surveys Ltd for Arboricultural Consultancy services, and would be very happy to recommend them.”

Martin Down
Managing Director