Tree Surveys in Northampton

Our tree surveyor Northampton team of specialists provide reliable tree surveys, for various reasons or concerns you may have. These specialists have the expertise and experience to provide arboricultural consultancy. You can, therefore, benefit from quality tree surveying in Northampton. Should you be interested in developing a site or getting your mortgage loans approved, we are here to help. If you are looking to get a BS5837 Tree Surveys for planning as well as health and safety purposes, you can contact us at Indigo Surveys.

We have highly qualified specialists who offer an excellent tree survey Northampton service for both residential and commercial projects. To help you move on with your plans, our specialists will provide high-end service. These have helped landowners and developers by analysing the impact of a development on an area they are interested in. You should understand that there are particular constraints brought by trees on a proposed development of an area and its surroundings. Our tree survey Northampton service covers the following:

Tree & Planning/ Construction (BS5837)

The law requires you to ensure the safety of trees in an area you plan to develop. Considering the potential of damage to trees that exists in any construction, demolition or proposed site works, it is crucial a proper tree survey is done before. Note that the trees may also pose a danger to your project.

At Indigo Surveys, we provide the recommended British Standard 5837: 2012 service. Our tree surveyor Northampton specialists will provide the required arboricultural guidance to inform and support your planning application. We always consider the design, demolition and construction recommendations. You can maximise your developable space thanks to our tailored approach to tree survey services.

Tree Reports for Mortgage/ Insurance

If you intend to get a mortgage or purchase a home and are looking for insurance for said home, we have specialists at Indigo Surveys who can assist you. These specialists provide quality tree survey Northampton service that keeps you away from risks by providing important information on the property you’re interested in. Please know that trees in a property are likely to affect buildings as well as other structures like driveways and paths. Thankfully, with the assistance of our specialist tree surveyors, we provide a report that addresses these concerns that you and your professionals have.

Health & Safety Tree Surveys

If you are looking for a proper Health and Safety risk management tree survey in Northampton, we have specialists at Indigo Surveys who’ll offer precisely that. We provide a detailed tree survey Northampton service that involves a visual tree evaluation that targets the physiological and structural condition of trees. The Occupiers Liability Act 1984 requires tree owners to ensure the safety of visitors to their property and/ or vicinity.

Our specialists at Indigo Surveys provides excellent, reliable tree survey Northampton service. We are a fully established company with a wide clientele. We have offered our quality service to homeowners, estate owners and managers, councils, engineers, architects, developers, solicitors and other specialists in the industry. You can get our quality and speedy tree survey services in Northampton by calling us on 0333 123 7080 or emailing us at