Tree surveys in Preston

We have a range of tree surveyor Preston services available to clients across the region. Indigo Surveys specialises in arboricultural consultancy, so we are an ideal option to engage for a tree survey. If you are planning to buy a home or other property via a mortgage loan, we can get you important details on the property you’re interested in. If you need specialists who can conduct a BS5837 Tree Survey for planning, or for Health & Safety purposes, we are the team to enlist.

Our specialist surveyors are highly qualified to offer tree survey Preston services for both residential and commercial projects. Any landowner or developer in need of a professional to analyse the impact of a development on an area they intend to develop can enlist us. It would be highly beneficial to be aware of the tree constraints on a proposed development of an area and its immediate surroundings. At Indigo Surveys, we offer trusted tree surveys, followed by a detailed report.

Our tree survey Preston services cover areas such as:

Tree & Planning/ Construction (BS5837)

The law may require you to ensure the safety of trees in any area you wish to develop. Usually, in any proposed site work, there’s a potential of damage to trees. Activities in a site being developed like excavation, demolition and construction can damage trees nearby, while trees may also pose a risk to your project.

In consideration of all this, it would be wise to have a specialist conduct a tree survey. For residents of Preston, Indigo Surveys is available to offer the recommended British Standard 5837:2012 survey option. Our specialist tree surveyor Preston service is designed to always consider your plans in terms of design, demolition and construction. This allows us to help you realise how you can maximise your developable space.

Tree Reports for Mortgage/ Insurance

We offer a tree survey Preston service that is also useful to those looking to get mortgage loans approvals, insurance policies or purchase a home. Our tree survey is accompanied by a detailed report that offers you relevant information about a property you’re interested in. Please be aware that trees on a site have the potential to damage property, buildings and other structures within their proximity. You can get a surveyor from Indigo Surveys who will help address any concerns you might have.

Health & Safety Tree Surveys

Our specialist tree survey Preston services also cover Health & Safety tree risk management. We’ll have a specialist conduct a visual evaluation that targets the trees’ physiological and structural conditions. Since The Occupiers Liability Act 1984 requires you to ensure the safety of visitors to your property, a tree survey is vital for you.

As a fully-established arboricultural consultancy company, we have been of great help to many people in Preston here at Indigo Surveys. The range of people and businesses we have assisted includes homeowners, estate owners and managers, engineers, architects, retailers, solicitors and local councils.

You could also benefit from our excellent and highly reliable tree survey Preston service. Contact us by phone on 0333 1237080 or email us at and we’ll have one of our team respond to you soon.