Tree Surveys in Staffordshire

Are you looking for a reliable tree survey in Staffordshire? We offer, at Indigo Surveys, one of the most trusted services in our industry, with our tree surveyors specialising in arboricultural consultancy, making them an ideal fit for providing a tree survey. You may require a specialist to offer the BS5837 tree survey for Health & Safety reasons. We have specialists who can provide a range of important details that are very useful when acquiring a mortgage or investing in a property.


Quality Services

At Indigo Surveys, we can offer a quality tree survey in Staffordshire and its surrounds. Our surveyors provide reliable services for landowners and developers. For those with tree-related projects, whether in residential or commercial sectors, we can offer excellent services. We can analyse a development’s impact on an area and inform on it in an extensive report. We can provide you with important details, such as the potential constraints of trees to your proposed construction.

Our tree surveyor Staffordshire team offers a very useful service for clients seeking to be aware of the risks a development can bring to a site. Our survey and detailed report provide information about risks to trees brought by demolition, excavation, construction and various other activities during a development. We offer the recommended British Standard 5837:2012 survey options to keep you from any risks to the future of your investment.

You could be looking for a specialist to perform a visual tree assessment that targets the physiological and structural condition of trees on your site. The quality tree survey in Staffordshire we can offer allows you as a tree owner to ensure the safety of visitors to your property and its immediate surroundings, complying with The Occupiers Liability Act of 1984.

Residents in Staffordshire and throughout the UK looking to acquire a mortgage or insurance for a property they are interested in can also benefit from our reliable tree surveys. Our tree surveyor Staffordshire team provides you with a quality survey followed by a detailed report showing important features of the property you are interested in. We inform you on the potential damage that trees can cause to buildings and other structures in their vicinity. At Indigo Surveys, we help you become aware and protected from any financial or legal risks to properties, trees and vegetation.

Many residents in the Staffordshire area have benefited from our excellent service. We have a range of different clients who value our high-quality and reliable tree surveys. These include homeowners, estate owners, architects, engineers, developers, retailers, solicitors, councils and others. You could also benefit from our specialist tree surveys in Staffordshire.


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To involve our surveyors in your project, you can call us on 0333 123 7080 or email us at to connect with our friendly and knowledgeable staff. We’ll respond swiftly and make the necessary arrangements to offer you a tree survey in Staffordshire. We are the specialist tree surveyors to use if you want your project to progress without any tree-related hitches and be free from a range of different risks.