Tree Surveys in Warwickshire

Residents in Warwickshire interested in a particular property or site may find it very useful to have qualified and reliable tree surveyors who can offer excellent tree survey options. At Indigo Surveys, we have a tree surveyor team who are highly skilled and experienced in providing these services. If you want to develop a property for you or your client, you can benefit from the tree surveys in Warwickshire that our specialists offer. Those looking for specialists who can provide the BS5837 tree survey, meant for health and safety of trees, can contact our team to provide excellent services.


Quality Services

The tree survey in Warwickshire that we offer here at Indigo Surveys is of the highest quality. We assist both landowners and developers, with regards to residential as well as commercial projects. Should you be looking for a specialist who can offer analysis on the impact of your development on an area, contact us, and we’ll assign specialists on your project.

They will then be able to offer a range of information about the potential constraints of trees to a construction, helping you to know how to proceed with your plans. Our tree surveyor Warwickshire specialists provide quality tree survey options, useful for those who want to know and control the risks posed by trees to a proposed development.

The information we offer is reliable, to help you stay aware of the risks to trees brought by development activities like excavation, construction and demolition. We provide, at Indigo Surveys, the recommended British Standard 5837:2012 tree survey options, in order to address the issues mentioned above. You don’t have to worry about any of these impacting your project, as our specialists always consider your specific design, demolition and construction preferences.

You could be focused on ensuring the safety of visitors to your property and its immediate surroundings as per The Occupiers Liability Act 1984 requirements. We can help with that, by providing a specialist who can perform a visual evaluation of the trees’ physiological and structural state. The tree surveys in Warwickshire we provide at Indigo Surveys are ideal for these situations. Those who intend to acquire a mortgage, or buy insurance cover, can also benefit a lot from our specialist tree surveyor Warwickshire team.

Our specialists can conduct a comprehensive tree survey and provide a detailed report with important details about the property you wish to insure or get a mortgage for. It is important to know about the damages trees can cause buildings and other structures such as driveways and paths in the property. Our quality services will help you be aware of the potential risks and be prepared for them. You could also benefit from our tree surveys in Warwickshire. Whether you’re a homeowner, estate owner, architect, engineer, developer, retailer, solicitor or council, we’ll find ways to assist you.


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You can call us on 0333 123 7080 or email us via our email to get our excellent tree surveys in Warwickshire. We have friendly specialists who will swiftly respond and make the necessary arrangements to offer you a reliable tree survey to fit the specific needs of your site.