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Tree Surveys Oxfordshire

Indigo Surveys is proud of its 10+ years of helping UK individuals and developers establish development rights through comprehensive tree surveys. We do this quickly and professionally, avoiding delays at every turn, and saving you money and time in the long run through our highly professional tree survey services. 

Oxfordshire is a largely green county, and as such, it comes as no surprise that there are plenty of trees and wildlife protected within its borders. As such, the demand for arboricultural surveyors is high to assist with the process of acquiring planning permissions.

If you need a tree survey in Oxfordshire, start the free quote process today by enquiring today. When it comes to treey survey pricing, we are highly competitive and aim to provide a speedy service as well as value for money. 

To find out more about what a Tree Survey entails and why it’s needed for the proposed development in Oxfordshire, please read on. 

What is a Tree Survey?

Have you been considering developing on a piece of land or even extending an existing property? Regardless of whether this is a building construction, or simply the installation of a facility, if the proposed location of the development is near trees, then you will need a tree survey to determine if said trees are protected. 

This is because the UK has taken on the responsibility of ensuring that protected trees and other species are safe from human expansion. Should you want to go ahead with the development regardless of the roadblock, then you will need to hire an arboricultural surveyor to create a tree report. This tree surveyor will then determine the identity and health of the surrounding trees. 

Tree reports look for certain trees that are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. If such trees are found and recorded within the report, then you’re going to be facing additional steps before you can proceed with your proposed plan. You should receive the report from the arboricultural survey within five days. 

It’s important to note that whilst a tree report doesn’t take particularly long, you also have to realise that this may not be the only type of survey required of you. Other types of surveys, such as a bat survey, can take a much longer time. 

Ultimately, if no such protected tree life is found, then the survey will not stand in the way of the proposed development. However…

What if protected tree life is found?

It’s not the end of your development should this be the case. First, the tree surveyor will check if there is any sort of conflict that will come between the trees and the development. This conflict can be anything from digging into tree roots to having to outright remove trees to create space. 

Should conflict be found, then there will be a few balances and checks made to try and rectify or mitigate the situation. Part of this will be seeing if there could be alterations made to the development plan so as to spare the surrounding trees. If this will not avoid the destruction of the surrounding trees, then each of them will be graded on a factor of size and health. The professionals will then decide whether the trees can be relocated or are able to be removed. 


“We have retained Indigo Surveys to undertake measured surveys and tree services for various projects over the last 5 years and have always found the price, quality and customer service to be excellent. Andrew Turnbull is exceptionally helpful, easy to contact and always responds to queries in a timely manner.”

Claire Williams
Project Manager

“I have worked with Indigo on many school projects. Many ran at the same time and had very short pre-construction programmes. Indigo were proactive and able to meet the challenging programmes, which enabled us to meet all submission dates for approval. We were kept aware of all ecology/arboricultural issues from the outset.”

Jane Shaw
Senior Design Manager

“Indigo’s role in the Project Team was crucial in obtaining Planning Permission on a complex and challenging site. Their expert arboricultural knowledge resulted in successful negotiations with the Planning Authority and helped make the project feasible while also ensuring that it preserved the character of the site.”

Graeme Mill
Project Architect

“We used Andy at Indigo Surveys for a difficult planning scheme in Wimbledon Village and found his knowledge and strategy in dealing with the various issues thrown up very impressive and the added footprint that this gave the client on the scheme was invaluable. We continue to use Indigo Surveys Ltd for Arboricultural Consultancy services, and would be very happy to recommend them.”

Martin Down
Managing Director