Tree Surveys in Tower Hamlets

Developers and homeowners in Tower Hamlets can now access a tailored and affordable arboricultural consultancy service. Indigo Surveys is now providing clients with customised and quality tree surveys in Tower Hamlets. Our diligent and qualified team of expert technicians provide developers and homeowners with comprehensive tree reports and tree plans. Our experts have worked within the private sector for many years. Consider our cost-effective and customised services before starting construction, demolition or site work.

Helping you to avert all tree risks in your premises is our key priority. Our arboricultural guidance services will also help you in the whole planning process. Working with tested specialists in the field will help you to avoid obstruction to your groundwork or construction. All tree surveys performed by experts from Indigo surveys satisfy the British Standard: 5837:2012 (BS5837).

Averting delays also helps you to boost your planning application process. We consider all sensitive arboricultural issues during our tree surveys in Tower Hamlets. Our team of expert specialists will also help you to maximise the space you have reserved for development. All our quality services are accompanied by the right documentation, including the following:

  • Trees and Construction ‘feasibility meetings’
  • BS5837 Tree Survey
  • Root Protection Area Calculation (RPA)
  • Tree Constraints Plan (TCP)
  • Arboricultural Impact Assessment (AIA)
  • Arboricultural Method Statement (AMS)
  • Tree Protection Plan


Our Tested Client Services

Indigo Surveys is home to a team of experienced and reputed arboricultural experts. We have continued to improve our service, providing practical and affordable solutions with tree surveys in Tower Hamlets and throughout the country. Our experts take the time to explain the overall impact of trees in your home before completing the final tree report or tree plan. All of our services, including our tree surveys, comply with the ‘Occupiers Liability Act (1984),’ that requires you as a homeowner to guarantee the highest levels of safety to everyone visiting your home.

The provision also requires you to apply tested solutions to prevent potential damages to all of the trees on your premises. Consider our services before beginning your next home sale, home purchase or mortgage and insurance renewals. In essence, a variety of factors determine the collective impact of all the trees on your premises. The team of experts from Indigo Surveys perform in-depth physiological and structural analysis of every tree in your home. Our experts focus more on measures that can prevent both direct and indirect risks to all structures in your home.

In some cases, we recommend proactive and preventive measures to keep tree risks at the lowest levels. Our team of specialists take a robust tree stock in your site to help in site planning and management. Potential structural damage in your home may require expert tree felling services. Our arboricultural professionals also perform a preliminary assessment of every tree in your premises to ascertain the anticipated overall impact of tree risks. After performing the first analysis, our arboricultural specialists guide on adopting preventive pruning site management approaches.

Our team of specialists also consider Health & Safety tree risk management plan in all their comprehensive tree surveys in Tower Hamlets. Here at Indigo Surveys, we adhere to all relevant tree protections and statutory controls during our tree surveys. We serve a diverse client base including planners, attorneys, engineers, estate managers, retailers, council, and homeowners.

Consider Hiring Our Services

Here at Indigo Surveys we are committed to continue providing you with consistently affordable and superior quality arboricultural consultancy services. We also pay attention to tree planning policies passed by local councils. We have continued to provide customised and practical tree surveys in and around Tower Hamlets. We provide competitive packages without compromising the level of quality, so contact us for free expert advice and to complete your quote form.


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