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In the UK, all new development sites need to consider all aspects of a site including flora, trees and vegetation. This requires a thorough ecological survey to ensure nothing is missed. There are a few reasons as to why this is done, but one of the biggest is that it’s often required by the local planning authorities to ensure the protection of the UK’s natural elements from damage. 

Tree survey for planning

What Is A Tree Survey For Planning?

A tree survey for planning provides information regarding local tree conditions, their species, and the dimensions they take up. This allows you to set the groundwork for your project and enables you to make fully informed decisions. 

That’s where Indigo Surveys come in. We can give you a complete, comprehensive tree report of the surrounding flora and work with you to get the results that you need to complete your projects.

Benefits Of A Tree Survey For Planning With Indigo Surveys:

Even in situations where a tree survey is not required, it’s still a good idea for the following reasons: 

  • Full Regulatory Protection – The worse type of rules seem like they have grey areas. However, our arborist team has a wealth of experience and knows exactly how to fully cover our part of the planning application process. All information the local regulations require, we can provide with full comprehension.
  • Informed Decisions – Tree surveys for planning can help you with understanding both the setbacks and the opportunities that will apply to your project. This allows you to make simple and streamlined decisions on what to do about the trees, such as preservation, removal, or simply transplanting them elsewhere. 
  • Cost-effective Development – The number one way to avoid unnecessary costs, we’ve found, is to get the groundwork done early. By understanding the constraints on your project from the tree survey early, you can avoid wasted allocations of budgets or be blind-sided by extra costs – not to mention hazardous trees.
  • Sustainable Development – By understanding the ecology of the surroundings, you can incorporate environmental preservation measures that will make you part of the solution. 

How Does A Tree Survey For Planning Development Work:

  • Visitation and Assessment – Our arborist team will visit the site in question and assess the surrounding trees. The assessment will cover the species, ages, dimensions and health conditions of the trees within the development zone. Amongst the trees, some may be of protected status. 
  • Constraints and Opportunities Assessment – The tree data will reveal several constraints and opportunities for your project. We will include recommendations for tree preservation, removal and transplantations. We will also give suggestions on how to protect trees during construction. 
  • Tree Categorisation – We will categorise all trees following the British Standard BS5837:2012 ‘Trees to Design, Demolition and Construction – Recommendations’. This category helps prioritise tree management actions whilst leaving you assured that you’re following local planning requirements. The categories are based on health, structure and amenity value. 
  • Arboricultural Impact Assessment – Whilst this is not always required, we can provide you with an arboricultural impact assessment to evaluate the potential impact your development will have on existing trees. Included in this are recommendations for mitigating any adverse effects. 
  • Tree Protection Plan and Arboricultural Method Statement – A tree protection plan outlines the measures required to protect retained trees during construction, and an arboricultural method statement details specific methods and techniques for implementing these measures. Both of these significantly reinforce your planning applications. 
  • Full Report – Our report that we give to you at the end will have all details required for your report. The details within will be tailored specifically for your report, keeping everything concise. This can account to when you decide to buy a property. A mortgage tree report can tel you everything you need to know.


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Why Choose Indigo Surveys?

Our expertise is unmatched in the industry, and we have significant ratings on FreeIndex to prove our esteem with our customers. 

On top of all that, we give competitive quotes with absolutely zero hidden costs. Our team has decades of experience in the arboricultural field, meaning that your report is in good hands. We endeavour to make your planning application process as simple as possible, cutting out all possibilities of delays in the form of disputes from the Local Planning Authority.


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“We have retained Indigo Surveys to undertake measured surveys and tree services for various projects over the last 5 years and have always found the price, quality and customer service to be excellent. Andrew Turnbull is exceptionally helpful, easy to contact and always responds to queries in a timely manner.”

Claire Williams
Project Manager

“I have worked with Indigo on many school projects. Many ran at the same time and had very short pre-construction programmes. Indigo were proactive and able to meet the challenging programmes, which enabled us to meet all submission dates for approval. We were kept aware of all ecology/arboricultural issues from the outset.”

Jane Shaw
Senior Design Manager

“Indigo’s role in the Project Team was crucial in obtaining Planning Permission on a complex and challenging site. Their expert arboricultural knowledge resulted in successful negotiations with the Planning Authority and helped make the project feasible while also ensuring that it preserved the character of the site.”

Graeme Mill
Project Architect

“We used Andy at Indigo Surveys for a difficult planning scheme in Wimbledon Village and found his knowledge and strategy in dealing with the various issues thrown up very impressive and the added footprint that this gave the client on the scheme was invaluable. We continue to use Indigo Surveys Ltd for Arboricultural Consultancy services, and would be very happy to recommend them.”

Martin Down
Managing Director