What Is a Tree Survey Report?

A tree survey report is a highly-effective survey option that can be performed on both public and private landscapes. The survey provides useful details about all of the trees in the surveyed area, in order to help homeowners or property managers to make informed decisions. A comprehensive tree survey report includes all manner of detailed data about the on-site trees.

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What is involved with a tree report?

A professional and comprehensive tree survey report must satisfy the set BS5837 (British Standards). This standard assists homeowners or estate managers to make an informed decision about any trees that need to be removed, as well as the condition of all those to be retained. Regular tree surveys assist tree owners and estate managers to meet all legal obligations, mitigating any risk posed by trees to people or property.

Our tree surveyors are trained specialists, responsible for examining all Health & Safety aspects related to your on-site trees. Indigo Surveys is a respected firm that performs both urban and rural tree surveys to various clients including private homeowners, local authorities, estate manager and the Highway Agency.

What is a BS5837 tree survey?

A BS5837 tree survey report is necessary for anyone considering or planning to alter land or property which contains, or is close to, any trees. The survey can examine issues pertinent to renovation, design, demolition or construction. This type of tree survey is also necessary for many large development firms like residential developers. However, individual homeowners can also hire professional tree survey services. BS5837 surveys are used in protesting major developments, and are crucial for local wildlife conservation.

Working with professional tree surveyors ensures that the growth of trees does not impede the structural integrity of your property in the future, as well as protecting people and onsite property from danger, including natural structural damage. A BS5837 tree survey reveals crucial details such as:

  • Overall tree health
  • Age of onsite trees
  • Life expectancy of trees
  • Tree management recommendations
  • Physical tree measurements like diameter and height
  • The genus and species of trees based on their scientific names

In some areas, a tree survey report is mandatory to prevent unregulated cutting of protected tree species. Some trees are protected under the “Wildlife and Countryside Act.” A BS5837 tree report is typically performed in three stages, namely: tree survey plan, schedule, and constraints plan.

– Tree Survey Plan: This simply refers to a drawn plan that indicates the specific location of each tree to an accurate scale and within a specified region.

– Schedule: Each survey features a multi-point schedule for each tree in the specified region. Every tree is also assigned a special reference number.

Tree Constraints Plan: The plan shows five crucial aspects for every tree in the specified area including:

i). Shade footprint during different times of the day depending on the potential future growth.

ii). Future growth potential based on the height and the crown spread.

iii). Root Protection Area

iv). Tree Quality Assessment and;

v). Crown spread and actual position.

How much does a tree survey cost?

Indigo Surveys provides comprehensive tree surveys at competitively priced quotes. We also emphasise efficiency and speed to provide you with as swift and detailed a solution as possible. Our professional tree survey plans come with clearly transparent charges, meaning you will not incur hidden costs in the future.

We know that many of our clients will be working within a clearly defined budget and will be as flexible as possible with cost options. All of our BS5837 tree specialists have expertise and experience in helping British homeowners and property managers receive the tree survey guidance they need.

How do I order a tree survey report?

Indigo Surveys remains your long-term and trusted partner while looking for professional tree survey report at affordable rates. Our tree surveys are tailored to suit both commercial and domestic sites. If you wish to get more advice on additional services on tree survey reporting services, you can contact us on 0333 1237080 or send us an email through info@indigosurveys.co.uk.

Here at Indigo Surveys, we have a highly-qualified and committed team of surveyors, ideally equipped to provide you with reliable services at some of the most competitively-priced rates in the industry. Get in touch with us today to discuss your tree survey needs in more detail.